Permit and Registration Requirements

A strategic goods permit is required for any transfer or brokering of:

  • Strategic goods and related technology listed in the Strategic Goods Control List 
  • Any goods or technology intended or likely to be used for or in connection with weapons of mass destruction.

Export, Transhipment, Transit and Intangible Transfer of Technology (ITT)

To provide greater facilitation and promote effective internal export control compliance, Singapore Customs implemented the Strategic Trade Scheme (STS).  The STS applies to all businesses who wish to export, tranship, bring in transit strategic goods and related technology, or transmit strategic goods software or technology. 

The permit procedures under the STS consist of:

Individual Permit

  • Individual Permit to be applied at least 5 working days before every export, re-export, transhipment or transit of strategic goods
  • ITT permit to be applied at least 7 working days before the transmission of strategic goods software or technology

Bulk Permit

For more information on STS, please refer to the STS Handbook.


A brokering registration is to be applied at least 14 working days before the brokering of items and technology listed in the Strategic Goods (Control) (Brokering) Order 2019.  A brokering permit is also required under certain circumstances.