Singapore Customs encourages traders to practise good corporate governance and implement robust internal controls, so that they are able to voluntarily comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Traders who are self-compliant will enjoy smoother business operations. For instance, shipments by compliant traders are subjected to fewer checks.  Non-compliance can result in penalties, seizure and forfeiture of goods, reputational damage, suspended import/export/transhipment privileges for repeated non-compliance, and increased monitoring by Singapore Customs. By staying compliant, traders avoid risks and financial exposure, and stand to gain trade facilitation benefits. 

Education & Outreach

Singapore Customs holds regular dialogues with various segments of the trading community to understand their business needs and to keep them updated on regulatory developments. We also conduct outreach to specific traders to assist them in resolving compliance-related issues.

Singapore Customs Academy conducts various training courses to equip traders with the relevant knowledge in technical areas and regulatory requirements. Interested traders may visit the Singapore Customs Academy website for information on courses available.

Best Practices

Traders may refer to the following information to develop or improve their business practices to avoid committing common errors and offences. Such practices will also ensure better compliance with Customs laws and regulations.